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Originally an old group from Copenhagen.

Starion was founded by members of Commodore United Crackers, who met at a night school course in Tårnby called "Advanced Commodore 64" during '86-87.

Idea for the name came from the Danish model Jeanette Dyrkjær who changed her name to Jeanette Starion. We stole her name and thought of her as our mascot. She was a babe, and we were geeks! :-)

Originally, all members were from Amager and met in various computer courses for kids, as well as the computer store "CPU 2300", which is long gone now.

Later some cool people from Baseline, 2000 A.D. and Bonzai joined.

We hung out with people from Baseline, The New Aces, Channel 42, 2000 A.D., Crazy Crackers, Vibrants, and of course, Bonzai.

Later the group was brought on by members of Bonzai, who were mostly from Jutland.

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